Writer’s Digest Dumps Author Solutions 

Wow! I am so shocked that this was going on. I had no idea Writer’s Digest was with Author Solutions. If I had known I wouldn’t have subscribed to their magazine, ordered their books, or trusted content from them. They became so well respected but they had this secret!!! They were hitched with a vanity publisher, that authors are so warned against. Not sure I can trust them again. Disappointed.

David Gaughran

I have some huge news: Writer’s Digest has terminated its partnership with Author Solutions.

Abbott Press – the imprint launched by Writer’s Digest, parent company F+W Media, and white-label vanity press provider Author Solutions – is still operational, but all ties to Writer’s Digest have been cut.

It appears that Abbott Press will now be run directly as yet another Author Solutions brand but Writer’s Digest and F+W Media will have no further connection with it. (If you are unfamiliar with Author Solutions and its awful history, this will bring you up to speed.)

Cached version of Abbott Press showing Writer's Digest links.Cached version showing Writer’s Digest links.

Writer’s Digest and F+W Media refuse to comment, despite being given several opportunities, but I’ve had this news confirmed by multiple sources. As Author Solutions only tends to allow early termination of partnership agreements if the partner signs a series of non-disclosure agreements, a formal announcement or comment is…

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